Hello! My name is Sabrina Lim, but I’m more commonly known as Saby. I make comics, illustrations, and occasionally pixel art and animations. I live in Singapore, and my dream is to share my stories with the world! Art has been a source of joy for me throughout my life, and through making more drawings, I hope to also spread some of that joy to you~♡ 
I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Digital Animation in 2018. I am currently working full time as a graphic designer, schooling at MAD School studying graphic design, and working on my webcomic, "Billow's Peak", with my best friend Kerin under Cute Prawn Studios
As the founders of Cute Prawn Studios, we aspire to tell good stories through our webcomics, as well as make cute merchandise. We hope that you enjoy our works as much as we enjoy making them, and that seeing them will make you say "Cute, xia!" (xiá translates to prawn in Chinese, and is a slang we use in Singapore to show exasperation/exaggerate something)
When I'm not busy drawing, I'm likely fangirling over GOT7, sleeping, or playing with my dog!
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